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Get on with it

I woke up before thrive time, or as Ryan calls it "five oh five, time to thrive". It's 5:36am and I realised I've already spent 40 minutes on Facebook, scanning for funny memes and browsing headlines, eager to discover the next best "7 Strategies to Be Successful Today" blog post. I have a tendency to over-consume resources - articles, blogs, books, audios - and... > Read more

Calling the wind

When I talk to groups of business owners about working less to make more, taking time off, and taking time out, eventually one of them will say “yeah but I feel so guilty”. I always ask the group who else feels that way, and I get 90% of the hands in the air. A lot of it is to do with... > Read more

Blackcurrant tea

I used to like blackcurrant tea (a traditional black tea with blackcurrant flavour). It became our drink of habit in the morning. Didn’t even think about it, just part of the getting up routine. We’d dabble with other teas occasionally but we always came back to blackcurrant tea.... > Read more


One of the tricks to growth is focus. Go back to the basics of strategy: mass the greatest resource at the point of greatest opportunity. Your job as leader is to work out, among all the opportunities and issues competing for your limited bandwidth, what are you going to pay attention to?... > Read more

What's the big idea?

Someone said to me “you guys make a big song and dance about how you understand implementation. So tell me how it is that I can know all this stuff and I still don’t get it done. What’s the one thing that stops business owners from execution”? The cute answer is, of... > Read more

You'd better believe it

I remember one day I was thinking about a big proposal my team was working on and wondering how it was going. Then I found myself thinking, it didn’t matter how it was going because we weren’t going to win it anyway. And we didn’t. I am not someone who believes in sending... > Read more


I was at the recent Ironman because The Melanoma Foundation, which I now chair, was the Ironman charity for 2014. As you can imagine, it was a pretty extraordinary experience. I was asked to make a 5 minute speech at the awards ceremony which I worked on for some hours, mainly while walking... > Read more


In this series of articles, I want to focus on how we as business owners can take greatest advantage of the growing economy. We don’t have to do a lot to grow as the economy grows. We can, if we want, choose to do nothing other than float on the rising tide. The problem is of course... > Read more

Vision and mission: what's the difference and does it matter?

When I was a consultant advising on strategy we would get all hung up on the distinctions between the visions statement, mission, statement of purpose, drivers, reason for being, yadda yadda yadda. Then we’d come up with some noble words which would get compromised by committee until they... > Read more


A guy I knew from my youth died the other day. He had been an excellent rugby player, a senior tennis player, a real natural sportsman who worked hard at his talent.  When he died he was twice what he weighed in his playing days. He had been a builder but had become a publican. I... > Read more


Positive psychology – the newest and most powerful branch of psychology – talks about happiness and contentment being a product of pleasure, meaning and challenge. We need to have all... > Read more

The hardest question

"Crowning the company king" is one of our fundamental tenets. It means that the company's interests come ahead of everyone else's, including shareholders, staff, customers. Most often... > Read more

Marathon effort

It’s been a long time since I posted a blog. Reasons: too many to mention, none of them adequate. Results, not excuses. The simplest explanation is that I got into the habit of not doing... > Read more

How I Failed

Here is a great article by a guy who we would describe as an entrepreneur who has managed the integration of head and heart. He documents his 6 failures, each of which contains practical... > Read more

You are the bottleneck

If you think: You need to work 60 hours plus in the business That health and relationships come second to the business You have to work more hours each day and more weeks each... > Read more

Pump up the volume

We bought our son a sound system for his car. A real “duf duf” system that you could hear several streets away if you played it at boy-racer levels. Both of my sons are audiophiles,... > Read more

Bigger business thinking

I was reminded the other day of the importance of "bigger business" thinking. At our Challenger workshop on Friday, Tim Rillstone talked about the journey he's been on with Cossiga, and... > Read more

Master class

You may know that I play in a blues band called ROAR – Recycling Of Aging Rockers (tagline: we used to be rubbish). We recently spent a Saturday in a studio recording a demo, courtesy of my... > Read more

The Right Answer

The human brain is a model of efficiency in how it does its work with least effort. Thinking takes energy, so it seeks to conserve that energy by relying on least exertion to get to a result.... > Read more

It started with the artichokes

Our local Italian place has gone seriously downhill and is now very successful. How does that work? The previous owner was Italian, and though some of the meals were kiwi-ised, many were... > Read more

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