Staying on track

It’s not enough to have dreams and set goals. You need to have a system for staying on track, which is where out approach to business coaching comes in.

The magic of the The Breakthrough Company approach is simple but hard to achieve on your own. Here’s how our business coaching programme does it:

First, you have to break down the big goals into bite sized actions. On  The Breakthrough Company Foundation Day, you’ll go from your Ultimate Business Goal right down to the next possible action so that you can see the link between what you want to achieve and what you have to do next.

Second, you have to have some accountability. This is the thing that most owners struggle with because there really is no one inside the business that they’re accountable to. If they don’t do what they say they’ll do, no one notices. The structure of the quarterly workshop days gives you a timeframe to achieve objectives by. The fortnightly buddy group meetings give you a timeframe and a structure to accomplish key tasks. The Goal Getter daily planner is the link between your vision, the quarterly outcome you’re trying to achieve, and what you have to do that day to move closer to your goal.

Third, you have to develop a sense of progress. All our business coaching techniques and structures provide for a review of progress to date, which gives you the confidence to go the next step.

The most valuable thing people get from The Breakthrough Company is confidence. That comes from getting new ideas, having tools they’ve never had before, working with coaches and peers, but most of all, confidence comes from seeing ourselves progress, achieving things we’ve always wanted but never thought we’d get.

That process is hard-wired into the design of The Breakthrough Company.

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