Our Point of Difference

In the last 10 years, business coaching has become a widely accepted tool for business development, by business owners and corporates alike.

There are lots of business coaching choices available to businesses today. There are some "systems" which are called business coaching, but they're actually consultants who will come into your business and apply their methodology. They tend to be expensive and the quality is highly variable.

A good business coaching programme will give a business owner new ideas, provide accurate feedback, and occasionally give you a kick in the pants when you don't meet your own standards. You also gain inspiration from great ideas and great company.

Until National Business Coaching (now The Breakthrough Company) was launched in 2008, business owners could not get the combination of inspiration and implementation they need to achieve the results they're capable of. Our business coaching offering is unique because:

  • We work almost exclusively with business owners.
  • Our coaches are all graduates of the programme.
  • We've integrated the best of programme learning and individual business coaching.
  • Our group-based approach removes the isolation that afflicts so many SME owners.
  • We place as much emphasis on personal development as on business development.

Our mission is simple: we're here to help business owners grow.

We want to help as many business owners as possible, so we've made the programme very affordable, but without compromising quality.

We recognise that business owners' needs change as their business grows, so we have different offers based on turnover:

$500k-3M Turnover

$3M+ Turnover

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