New Ideas

We’re where we are today because of the way we think.

Our mental models and programmes dictate what we do, and what we do dictates what we get.

If we’re going to change the results, we have to change the way we think. If we want our business to get to the next level, we have to start by getting our thinking to a new level. Simple, really.

We all know there’s nothing new under the sun. Thousands of books have been written on success in life and business. Does any business coach really have anything more to say?

Just this (and actually this has been said before too): Thomas Edison, the greatest business inventor who ever lived, said that the best idea has no value until it’s implemented. To know and not to do is not to know.

The other constraint on getting new ideas is a closed mind – “I know this, I’ve heard this before”. The biggest enemy of learning is knowing. Personally I’ve run and advised lots of businesses and read lots of books, attended course and seminars etc etc. And without a shred of self-consciousness or false modesty, I can tell you that I am still learning, every single day. Why? Because I choose to.

One of our members has run a very large and successful business for the past 25 years. As he graduated from the programme the other day he said: “I already knew 90% of the content of this programme. But I’ve always believed it’s not about what I know, it’s what I don’t know. And implementing the 10% that I didn’t know has made an enormous difference in my life and business.” Bruce is another one who is deliberately and consciously trying to learn, every single day.

How are you going to put yourself in the way of new ideas, new ways of thinking about old questions, getting new insights into yourself and your business? Because they won’t come to you unless and until you go looking. The Breakthrough Company provides you with a road map to your goals - latest business ideas combined with the fundamentals rules of business that we instinctively know but don't do. We know what works.

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