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Dr Mike Ashby - The ``No Bull`` Business Expert

Clear thinking, straight talking, no excuses. Mike’s views are shaped by working directly with New Zealand’s most progressive business owners, helping them see the challenges for what they really are and, even more important, opening their eyes to the opportunities.

Mike is one of New Zealand’s top advisers to small business owners, and a regular contributor to business magazines. He is an experienced, entertaining and stimulating speaker. He’s spoken at over 300 seminars for business owners and people in business, covering topics such as:

  • The only way out is up: How to make the most of your recession
  • Strategies for success in a slowdown
  • Finding and keeping the best people in your industry
  • Work less, make more

Mike’s seminars have really come into their own in the past two years as he helps business owners think their way through turbulent times. His practical and positive approach has helped attendees stay motivated and focused.

His new workshop, “Get Growing”, is based on working with dozens of business owners who have weathered the storm and are now moving quickly to take advantage of the recovery. This is one of Mike’s most powerful, positive and practical seminars yet. He challenges business owners to rethink their business, describing some of the classic traps we fall into and the opportunities for progressive businesses. We all know how the importance of innovation, but the real challenge is getting from great idea to powerful action. Mike will help you get there.

Other speaking topics include…

  • Grow your business, balance your lifestyle
  • The only way out is up
  • Transform yourself, grow your business
  • Beating the Recession
  • Riding the Storm
  • Turning Adversity into Advantage
  • Growth Strategies for Tough Times


Dr Mike Ashby is Managing Director of The Breakthrough Company (previously known as National Business Coaching Ltd). Since 2003, Mike’s company has helped hundreds of business owners move their lives and business to the next level.

Before 2003 he was Chief Operating Officer at Southern Cross Healthcare, where he led the company from a loss of $42M to a profit of $30M in two years. Mike joined Southern Cross from Ernst & Young Consulting. He was a partner in the Wellington office, leading the national Strategy and Transformation team.


“Brilliant, engaging, motivating. Totally enjoyed the session” (Darius Mistry, Imagetext)

“Practical advice from a credible speaker with a great sense of humour. He really knows his stuff” (Roger Hatrick-Smith, VCFO)

“Mike’s style of presentation is topical, engaging and affirming. Our clients scored him highly in their evaluations. We look forward to using Mike’s services again” (Craig Weston, Inspired Business Solutions)

“Invigorating, refreshing, challenging. Brilliantly facilitated” (Craig Fisher, Director, Hayes Knight)

“Mike’s ability to tailor his presentation to his audience, making them feel at ease and comfortable in his presence, is a testament to his expertise, experience and knowledge of the issues owners and managers face in business today” (Cheryl Brown, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce)

“I got more out of your presentation than anything else I’ve attended in years. Definitely able to implement several things immediately” (Greg C, April 2009)

“One of the most valuable and worthwhile presentations I have ever been to” (John M, April 2009)

“Post-meeting feedback is generally favourable, but yours was outstanding. In fact I’m yet to talk to anyone who didn’t think your address was absolutely fantastic” (Ashley Church, Event organizer)

Do yourself and your business a favour – book Mike as a speaker at your next conference or workshop and discover the key to turning your business around!

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