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  • You are your own gym - this app is based on a book by Mark Lauren, who trains Special Ops troops.  It is short but very intense, and because it requires no equipment it can be done anywhere.  Which removes all the excuses.
  • Balanced Scorecard (BsC-i)
  • Myfitnesspal.  Excellent way of tracking your calorie intake and output
  • MealGuru - great recipes in a system for managing your weekly meals.  Essential in a busy home.


  • Black Robin Design. Mary McGregor Reid and her team did a great job on our re-design.  Not only did she work with us to find a look and a style that captured who we are, she also made sure we were adhering to the brand requirements throughout everything we did.  BTW, avoid an outfit called engine unless you want to pay a lot for a very little
  • Coco's Cantina, Karangahape Rd. Renee is the owner and gracious maitre'd of this very buzzy restaurant.  Somehow manages to be both warm and totally cool at the same time
  • Karen Ross, Avara Consulting.  Karen is an outstanding NLP practitioner who can really help individuals unlock their potential. She is also extremely good with teams, using a range of different tools. Thoughtful and considered, Karen is a true professional 
  • Alexandra Hart at Hart Integrative Health.  Alexandra is my latest find, and I'm a bit reluctant to share her as it might be harder to get to see her if she gets too busy. She has multiple qualifications across a range of disciplines, but I have found her most valuable in structural bodywork and yoga therapy.  In an age of narrow specialisation, she has the widest knowledge of how our bodies work and how we can create wellness for ourselves.  Highly professional and personable.


  • The Breakthrough Company by Keith McFarland. This is the best business book that I have ever read. I liked it so much that it inspired me to name the company after the book. My vision was to be as powerful in creating breakthroughs for our members as Keith McFarland's book has been for his readers. I still quote his concepts almost everyday. Buy it here
  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.  One of my top 5 business books.  Really shook the way I thought about new product and innovation.  Buy it here


  • Here's a link to a good article on business processes 

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